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Is making a positive difference in a young person’s life by providing high-quality educational experiences that are relevant, meaningful, and enjoyable.

Why Choose eLearning WAshington?

We are committed to student success!

We started in 2016, excited to build a new educational program that is responsive to the demands of parents and students for increased educational opportunities in non-traditional ways.

We combine the power of the Internet with exceptional subject matter experts, who are also experienced Washington State certified, local online teachers.

eLearning WAshington uses an Award-winning Learning Management System to engage and energize motivated students who want rich & rigorous learning experiences.

Students today are more connected than ever. They want to enjoy the freedom and flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere–where learning isn’t tied to a classroom, a bell schedule, and a restrictive school day.

Add the other activities and personal interests that can make student life more stressful, and online learning is the perfect solution!

When you can log-in and “attend” class anytime–from anywhere, even on your smartphone, learning becomes relaxed & anxiety-free, enjoyable, and more efficient.

eLearningWashington-12828 Northup Way Bellevue WA. 98005

We are eLearning WAshington

eLearning WAshington is an initiative by educators and professionals who believe in the future of young people and want to provide quality learning experiences to support student success.

When combined together, eLearning WAshington staff have over a hundred years in teaching, training, & education. Including:

  • Corporate, Government, & Institutional Training Programs
  • Public & Private Schools
    • College & University
    • High School
    • Junior High & Middle School
    • Elementary School

Most have spent more than half of their educational careers working online; Teaching and developing cutting-edge virtual learning courses and/or programs.

Importantly,  all eLearningWAshington staff believes in the power and abilities of young people.

We are confident in the proven power of combining: (1) technology, (2) challenging learning experiences, AND (3) the personal touch of an expert, experienced, & caring teacher, in creating positive transformational growth in students.

Meet our e-learning instructors.

Our Mission

Make a difference in a young person’s life by providing high-quality educational experiences that are relevant, meaningful, and enjoyable.

Our Values

From the Nine Principles [image] adopted from Joi Ito (author of Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future) at MIT’s Media Lab and why they’re important for today’s students.


MIT Media Lab–  Joi Ito’s 9 PRINCIPLES

  • Resilience over strength
  • Push over pull
  • Systems over objects
  • Risks over safety
  • Compasses over maps
  • Practice over theory
  • Disobedience over compliance
  • Emergence over authority
  • LEARNING over education

eLearning WAshington is MORE than quality online learning courses and expert teachers.

We extend the learning by providing qualifying eLearning WAshington students with access to special opportunities and connections to:

  • Industry experts
  • Special workshops & Technology camps
  • Mentorships
  • Advanced Internship opportunities

Perhaps the best team of educators assembled together. Educational Thought Leaders, Teaching & Learning Experts,
And IMPORTANTLY: Professionals who see students as developing young people and who are dedicated to student success inside and outside of the classroom!

  • Kevin Corbett – Founder
  • Shelly Waller – Administrator
  • Mark Ryder – Director
  • Tanya Huber – Director

Read More about our Instructors

eLearning WAshington is proud to work with AdvancED (http://www.advanc-ed.org)–the nation’s leader in understanding and improving the learner experience.

AdvancED uses a performance-based accreditation process that provides institutions with a more comprehensive analysis to drive continuous improvement.

Accreditation is a voluntary process for granting public recognition to institutions that meet external standards of quality.  Schools can choose whether to seek accreditation. State law does not require public or private schools in Washington to be accredited. (source)

Read More about our Accreditation Pathway

eLearning WAshington is located in Suite #105 of the historic Yuhl building in Bellevue, Washington.

The modern, high-tech space is 1400 sq.ft. creating a comfortable area for teaching, training, production, meeting, learning, and more!

Click for more information on our eLearning Washington office.

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