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Accreditation is an important validation for any educational institution. It’s an oversight that assures students, parents, and the community of a program’s ability to meet the requirements and assurances necessary to award academic credit that is worthwhile and meaningful according to an established set of standards and practices.

Academic programs all have unique needs and visions for their institutions, but all are dedicated to their students, parents and communities, all are focused on learner advancement while using continuous improvement as the guiding force.

School improvement is a journey and not all education institutions start or end at the same place.

To be considered “Fully Accredited” is a 3-5 year process of continual improvement.

With a balanced, systemic approach combining Standards, stakeholder feedback and student performance to measure quality programs, relationships and results, Advance-Ed’s systems-oriented Accreditation Process helps institutions make the most of their talents and resources. Their process aligns accreditation with accountability, emphasizing learner outcomes when evaluating institutional quality.

eLearning WAshington is pleased to partner with AdvancED on our improvement journey and work with them through the Continuous Improvement System, a framework for data-informed school improvement and effectiveness. This fully integrated solution helps institutions map out and navigate a successful journey that is personalized and customized to their specific needs. [Sample Map]

As a new program established in 2016, eLearning WAshington is on the path to accreditation and is fully participating in the requisite steps to exceed the requirements and establish itself as fully accredited program.
According to AdvancED, the technical term is, we are “In Candidacy”.

This means that students, parents, school counselors and administrators can partner with eLearningWAshington in confidence.

Our students are receiving rich, rigorous, and valuable learning experiences that meet or exceed those found in any classroom or online learning program.

If you’re a school administrator, counselor, or parent interested in our accreditation process, please feel free to contact us!

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