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  • online-learning-is-easy

    Is Online Learning Hard?

    Online Learning...Is it Hard? It's a common question for students to ask. In fact, it's a common question for anybody to ask the first time they're going to start something they haven't done before: "is it
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  • elearning predictions

    What Will Transform eLearning?

    I was recently asked by JOOMLA LMS to look into my crystal ball and predict the technology or forces, that would transform eLearning in the coming year. My response was included in with fourteen other educational
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  • elearning-washington-open-house

    eLearning WAshington Open House

    It was a pleasure meeting with students during an impromptu open house this week at eLearning Washington's Bellevue offices! Of the over twenty students who came by, none had taken an online class before. While all of
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  • Why Online Learning

    Why e-Learning?

    There are many reasons why students and families choose online learning as a method for academic learning.  This article will be the first of many posts sharing data from surveys and anecdotal evidence about why
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