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eLearning WAshington Schedule and Calendar




2016 – 2017

Start: Tue. Sept 6th
End: Fri. Jan 27th
Start: Mon. Feb 6th
End: Fri. June 23rd
Start: Mon. July 10th
End: Fri. Aug. 18th

2017 – 2018

Start: Tue. Sept 5th
End: Fri. Jan 26th
Start: Mon. Feb 5th
End: Fri. June 22nd
Start: Mon. June 25th
End: Fri. Aug. 17th

2018 – 2019

Start: Tue. Sept 4th
End: Fri. Jan 25th
Start: Mon. Feb 4th
End: Fri. June 21st
Start: Mon. June 24th
End: Fri. Aug. 16th


  • Advance Registration: Students may register anytime in advance, for a course & one of the three terms: Fall, Spring, Summer.
  • Late Registration (after the start date): Students wishing to enroll AFTER a term’s start date may do so with the understanding and acceptance of the term End Date– or additional time to complete a course is an option and requires payment for an extension into the next Term.


  • eLearning WAshington provides year-round virtual learning opportunities, during three calendar terms: Fall, Spring, & Summer (chart at top).
  • Each term is approximately 18 weeks in duration and roughly coincides with most school calendars.
  • Students who wish to have a longer time to complete a single course, may pay for additional terms as needed to complete the course to their satisfaction.
  • In all cases, student/families are responsible to obtain and confirm with their school’s academic counselor, the important deadlines for course-ending grade reports needed for their school.
    • Example 1: A student taking a pre-requisite through eLearning WAshington, may need a course completion grade report, in order to register for a course at their school.
    • Example 2: Seniors taking courses required for graduation may need to submit proof of course completion earlier than the eLearning WAshington’s End of Term, to participate in their
      school’s commencement.


  • Half credit (0.5 credit) courses are:
    • One term (approximately 18 weeks)
    • Available any of the 3 terms: Fall, Spring, and/or Summer.
    • Approximately 75-90 hours of student work.
  • Whole credit (1.0 credit) courses are:
    • Two terms: Fall & Spring (or by arrangement)
    • AP Courses, typically scheduled to conclude in advance of AP testing dates in the Spring
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